Lee cómo Dianética está causando cambios positivos en la vida de las personas.
One day I found a copy of Dianetics and read it. I decided to do the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar. I have a family of four beautiful daughters, and I run a pressure-wash cleaning company. Faith has always been a part of my life; however, I was also looking for tools to better my condition. In my first Dianetics session, I returned to a time 29 years ago. I was in my teens and my best friend was becoming more than a friend. I had the green light to start a relationship, but I didn’t. My friend moved to another town. A year later, for whatever reason, she took her life. The pain was unbearable, I blamed myself—if only I’d been there. At the time, I turned to drugs because of the pain. The regret stayed with me all my life. In this first session, I dealt with it. At first I cried like a baby, then at last I could let it go. I’d been holding on to this for 29 years. With each Dianetics session, I came to realize how many things had been holding me back. Now I can live life like I want to and I’m winning. I became more me.
All of the negativity is gone. In a few Dianetics sessions, I became calmer and happier. Negative things in life used to have strong effects on me. I wasn’t myself and I knew there was something wrong. Now with Dianetics, I am more awake and more aware. I notice things faster, and I actually see the beauty of life. I feel confident and things are going better. Things are falling into place, exactly how I need them. And I am well on my way to Clear. —Adrian H
My first experience with Dianetics allowed me to erase years of sorrow over my father’s death. I was 17 when he died and I always felt I had failed to live up to what was expected of me as the “man in the family.” By addressing this traumatic incident and erasing all the negative feelings, I am a new man, ready to live life to the fullest. —DS
I gained an understanding of how my own reactive mind operates and realized that I needed to go Clear! I used to have so many problems in life—with my memory and my communication. Now I have the ability to communicate with myself as well as with others. This was after I did the Dianetics Seminar. I can observe my environment. I can identify aberrations and am able to quickly understand what is going on based on my knowledge of the reactive mind. With this, I’m able to be in control of my environment. —Imran Jawed, Singer
Que es Dianetica?
Las experiencias dolorosas de nuestro pasado, tienen claramente un efecto en nuestro comportamiento actual. Pero ¿en qué medida, y por qué?

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